Strategies for growth, innovation and value
Aligning management incentive compensation with shareholder value

Gressle & McGinley offer value based management, strategic innovation and growth strategy.We combine the principles of value based management (VBM) and strategic innovation to help companies identify and execute effective growth strategies. The analytics of competitive strategy and the tools of strategic innovation enable organizations to identify growth opportunities and select the initiatives that form a cogent strategic architecture or blueprint for action. The teachings of Gary Hamel and his consulting practice, Strategos (where Mark Gressle was a Director), as well as the examples in Jim Collins’ book "Good to Great" provide insight into growth and innovation.  But each company is unique and what is right for Nokia or Walgreens may not be appropriate for your company in today’s environment.

The principles of VBM, such as Economic Value Added or EVA® (trademarked by our former colleagues at Stern Stewart) can be effectively used to identify where value is created (competencies where a customer will pay a premium) and can form the basis of a powerful performance management system and management incentive compensation program that can often be cascaded throughout the organization.

Combining VBM concepts with strategic innovation delivers a powerful way to manage growth and shareholder value.

We have worked together for the past fifteen years helping companies develop strategies for innovation and growth, and performance management systems designed to create shareholder value.

We have worked for companies in a wide range of industries including consumer products, manufacturing, financial institutions, professional services and real estate.

We always put our clients first in the belief that professional service firms are built on the success of their clients.  Word of mouth is our best sales effort.  We also stand by what we do – quite simply if you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay.

We have come to believe that “one size fits all” is a likely recipe for disaster.  Each company is quite unique –its history, what made it what it is today, its “code” of behavior and measures of success, the way it has survived crisis, etc.  Hence, we view each engagement for its unique characteristics.

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