Methodology: Management Incentives

If we apply value principles to our business, how will managers share in the “value” they create; how do we reduce self-serving behavior; how do we ensure that the plan is fair to both managers and owners?

  • Gressle & McGinley offer value based management, strategic innovation and growth strategy.What level of economic value must be achieved each year to reach our aspirational goal?

  • How do we handle external factors that could impact our annual and long term goal?

  • How much pay for how much performance – what is the appropriate “value-sharing” ratio?

  • What is the appropriate mix of long and short term incentive payments to align management behavior with the value creation process?

  • Can our incentive plan provide the potential for unlimited upside and downside rewards?

  • How can we reward only the level of performance that is sustainable over time?

  • Can we structure our long term incentive plan to reward managers who increase the wealth of our shareholders?

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