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Gressle & McGinley offer value based management, strategic innovation and growth strategy.Mark Gressle has over 20 years experience in consulting on value-based management, strategic innovation, and new ventures. In the early 1980ís, he was one of the founding partners of Stern Stewart & Company and was among the early developers of Economic Value Added. Mark has assisted companies from a wide range of industries implement Economic Value Added both as a financial management system and as the basis for an executive compensation program.

In 1992, Mark left Stern Stewart to start his own practice. The practice focused on the practical application of value principles to business issues, including the development of new ventures. One of his first ventures was as strategy director for ICS Communications, a private cable and telephone company providing services to apartment owners. Prior to its sale to MCI in 1995, ICS had become the largest private provider of telephony and cable services in their sector. His practice also worked with General Growth Properties, a shopping mall management and development company, to implement a company wide value-based performance measurement system that was integrated down to individual leasing decisions.

In the mid 1990ís, Mark and the other principles of his practice merged their consulting practice into Braxton, the strategy consulting group of Deloitte Consulting. While at Deloitte, Mark became the head of the e-business strategy practice for middle market companies. During the past few years, Mark has worked with Gary Hamel, well-known strategy and innovation author. Mark has worked across a range of industries in helping managers identify and develop innovative business models and ideas and to institute innovation processes that enable organizations to continue to generate a pipeline of new opportunities .  

His experience cuts across many industries including manufacturing, forest products, financial services, telecommunications, real estate, chemicals, energy and professional services. He has published articles in Cash Flow, The Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Euromoney, Directorship and the AICPA Journal. Mark holds a BA and MBA from the University of Rochester.

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