Methodology Overview

Value-adding growth tends to evolve along 3 processes:

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Underlying Principles

  • Gressle & McGinley offer value based management, strategic innovation and growth strategy.Mold the performance measurement framework to the way in which the business creates shareholder value.

  • Keep it simple, but accurate and “game-proof.”

  • Develop a good fact-base: where is value created (destroyed) in the business; what are the key drivers over which management has control?


  • Identify where new wealth can be created – expand the core; grow new businesses; develop innovation capabilities; improve operating efficiencies.

  • Is the strategy differentiated – if so, by what – unique competencies, geography, imbedded frictions in the supply chain, etc?

  • Use the VBM insights to “inform” and to help craft the strategic architecture.



  • Set an aspirational objective – “we will double our share value every 5 years.”

  • The MIC system is both meaningful (I can make real money) and controllable (I can determine my own destiny).

  • The MIC system is value-sharing – namely owners and managers win when the value of the business increases.

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