Methodology: Value-Based Strategy and Growth


If we apply value principles to our business, what implications does it have for our strategy; how and where will we increase shareholder value in the future?

  • Gressle & McGinley offer value based management, strategic innovation and growth strategy.What is our current strategy – implied or stated?

  • Do managers and employees support (identify with) our strategy?

  • Does our allocation of time and resources conform with our stated intent?

  • Is our current strategy delivering shareholder value?

  • What are our “core competencies;” how can we use them to create new wealth?

  • Where will money be made in our industry in the future: is value migrating to another part of the value chain?

  • How will trends across a wide range of socio-economic, political and technological areas impact what our ultimate consumer will want?

  • What is the “DNA” code of our industry and company; what opportunities arise if we challenge convention?

  • Should our opportunities for growth define our strategy; should our intent define the opportunities we select? What is our “blueprint” for action?

  • Where will we invest more time and resources; where will we invest less time and resources?

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