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Gressle & McGinley offer value based management, strategic innovation and growth strategy.The Growth Workshop combines the principles of value based management (VBM) and competitive strategy to help companies achieve sustainable growth that enhances share value.

VBM is a well-established concept – businesses create shareholder value by earning a rate of return on capital that exceeds the cost of capital.  While in practice, Economic Value Added and the like, have often fallen short of promised results, there have been some truly spectacular successes from which we can learn a great deal.

Strategy is defined severally as “the art of war” and as “a plan of action.”  While there are many theories, at its root, strategy commits resources to various initiatives that in sum create a sustainable advantage.

The Growth Workshop taps the experience and creativity of the management team to identify “break-away” opportunities and develop a growth strategy.

The Growth Workshop has several objectives. It is designed to help your company identify growth opportunities; distill the opportunities and existing initiatives into a coherent “strategic architecture;” depict how the growth initiatives will be developed; and, craft a management agenda to ensure continued success.

The workshop can be structured to stress one objective more than the others, depending on your company’s particular needs.

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