The Growth Workshop

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Gressle & McGinley offer value based management, strategic innovation and growth strategy.The Growth Workshop helps managers develop a disciplined approach to drive growth.  Here’s how:

Confront the facts: We begin the workshop by reviewing the company’s performance over time.  Typically, we try to address three critical questions:

  1. Do we provide an adequate return to investors – does our industry, what are the implications;

  2. Where are “blockages” to growth – too few (too many) initiatives; ideas that don’t convert to cash flow; a collection of projects that don’t converge to a focused strategy; weak incentives, etc. and,

  3. What are the critical points in the value process where we can differentiate from our competition and make money?

Opportunities for Growth: The growth agenda evolves from several perspectives: current initiatives (the implicit strategy); past initiatives (why did we succeed or fail); initiatives that rely on our existing or potential skill set; the evolving industry structure (who’s our direct and indirect competition); and potential outside shocks that give rise to new opportunities.  The synthesis and selection of initiatives creates the strategy.

The workshop uses both lecture and learning tools.  The concepts are presented through lecture and case example.  The learning tools enable the participants to apply the concepts to their own business.  Break-out sessions are used to tap the creativity and experience of your management team.

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