Why Gressle & McGinley

Free of Conflicts

  • We are independent and meet all the independence tests
  • We do not provide “other” services to the company
  • We do no executive search
  • We do not serve on boards of public companies
  • We are not part of a large multi-faceted consulting group or public company (and the orthodoxy that may bring)
  • We do not support a large infrastructure of office space and junior staff
Gressle & McGinley

Proven Results

  • We provide objective and fact-supported analysis and recommendations
  • Our executive compensation programs are well-thought out and typically have a long “shelf-life”
  • We were formed in 2002
  • We have grown almost exclusively by word of mouth
  • All engagements are led and managed day-to-day by a partner
Gressle & McGinley

The Formation of Gressle & McGinley

Mark and Rich have worked together since 1988 when Rich joined Stern Stewart & Co. (SS&Co.) in New York.  Mark was one of the founding members of the practice in 1980.  In 1989, Mark and Rich opened the London practice of SS&Co. to bring our ideas on Economic Value Added and value-based management to the UK and European markets.  We left Stern and formed our own practice in 1991.  Several years later, we joined Deloitte Consulting as partners in their strategy practice taking our team with us.  Mark moved on to work with Gary Hamel in a group called Strategos that focused on innovation.  In 2002, we each took stock of what we had achieved and what we still wanted to achieve. 

We identified the projects that provided us the most fulfillment both in terms of the nature of the problem we were asked to solve and in the outcomes we achieved.  We then identified the characteristics of the projects – type and size of company, nature of the problem, and the people with whom we interacted.  All of the projects where we felt fulfilled were also projects where we saw the direct effects of our efforts – the company’s performance improved, the organization became more focused and the decision-making processes improved.  There was an enthusiasm to create shareholder value and an appreciation of the opportunity to share in wealth created.  We felt that we added value and the client told us we added value.

We also understood that if we added value for our clients, they would tell others and we could build our practice by word-of-mouth. To date that has been our model for growth. 

Mark Gressle

Richard W. McGinley